Michael Loundy
Licensed Real Estate Broker
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Restaurants & Bars
Captain Hook's
Beach Comber Restaurant
Seaside Clam Bar
Seaside Crab House
Marucas Pizza
Diamond Restaurant
Surf Taco
The Beach Club
Club XS
Funtown Pier
Casino Pier
Seaside Sailing
Cobra Kites
Coin Castle
The Dock Outfitters
Seaside Heights Tourism
Le Petit Garage Boutique
NJ Paddle Board Rentals
 Local Contractors
Bayview Builders (732)552-4824 Rebuilding, Repairing, Remodeling. We do it all.
Business Services
Seaside Lumber
Snoopers 732-830-4390
Matthew J Heagen Attorney at Law 732-286-9800
Peter T Seems, JR Attorney at Law 732-240-5700
Glendenning Real Estate Finance Companies
Sun Airco 732-929-9330
Island Linens 732-929-9117
Seagarden Motel
Glendale Motel
Local Beach Info

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